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Company Introduction

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Update time : 2018-04-17 15:12:00
FRP Kangte Co. LTD. was established in Nanjing in 2005.
The registered capital was 11 Million RMB which later increased to 21 Million (approx. 3 Million USD) 
Kangte has over 100 employees and 12000M² production facilities including 14 production lines with dual molds and 8 production lines for different sizes of gratings
From 2011, Kangte started to deliver our products to International markets including Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America to support our clients for their projects.
Our QA/QC department is a group of specialist who focus on international projects and contains a Laboratory to do strength tests and LOI tests for every batch of products.
Kangte successfully delivered over 3000 tons of quality products in 2016. 
For cross winded FRP vessels and FRP storage tanks, we have a horizontal and vertical winding machine what gives us the capability to manufacture storage tanks on site with diameters up to 25 meters. 
All this makes us a strong partner for  projects  all over the world and guarantees  high-end quality products for all our clients